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The search for the hidden letter "F" is sure to be fantastic, fabulous and fun!

Castle Pines Village residents Heidi and Maggie Zeh were the first to “see the E” and send in their photo to the Castle Pines Connection! Their geo-cache search led them to the light post by the entrance to Surrey Ridge. “This was a fun letter to find,” remarked Maggie. “It took us a minute to realize the E was right in front of us on the light post!” Heidi and Maggie each received a Dazbog frozen yogurt gift card for their efforts.

By Amy Shanahan, photo courtesy of Laura Zeh

The Castle Pines Connection’s “search for ABC scavenger hunt” continues with the letter “F” this month. See if you can find the hidden “F” using the following coordinates: Longitude and Latitude coordinates: 39.467193 – 104.881475

Here is a hint: “To see the letter F…You can not look on the left … You have to look at the right sid … or the F will continue to hide.”

If you find the hidden “F”, take a photo of yourself and be the first to send it tothe Castle Pines Connection by e-mail. We will publish your photo in the October newspaper!

This Castle Pines Connection search for ABC scavenger hunt is inspired by the book “Alphabet Denver.” The author, Kitty Migaki is taking photos and providing the GPS coordinates for this hunt.

To learn more about Alphabet Denver or to purchase the book, visit



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