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Timberwolves moving mountains

By Susan Helton; photos courtesy of Amy Ball, Julie Matuszewski and Pam Scheichenost

Each year, Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) holds a move-a-thon to promote physical activity while raising money. This year, the sixth for the school’s primary fundraiser, the theme was “moving mountains.”

September 20, students rotated through six outdoor stations: the obstacle course, agility ladders and step-ups, a running course, parachute and jump ropes, “walk the plank” and this year’s favorite “capture the snitch.” The event concluded with popsicles for the students to enjoy.

The Timber Trail Education Alliance organized the event, supported by parent volunteers. Kim Krueger and Kimberly McCarthy chaired the move-a-thon committee. This year’s fundraiser raised more than $49,000. All money raised will help cover costs for education essentials at TTE, including subsidizing the librarian’s salary, purchasing books and other resources, and providing field trips for each grade.



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