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Tips for Avoiding Mailbox Theft

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has reported an increase in theft of mail from collection boxes, apartment mailboxes, co-op mailing racks and neighborhood delivery and collection box units. The thefts involve checks, credit card applications and bank account statements.

Reports of identity theft have been increasing throughout the country. Stories air nightly on television news programs detailing how a victim’s life has been destroyed due to identity theft. To avoid becoming a victim, Sheriff Micheal Acree, of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, urges residents to follow these crime prevention techniques when using their home mailboxes.

Use the letter slots at the post office to mail letters, or give them to a letter carrier.

Pick up mail promptly after delivery. Don’t leave mail in the mailbox overnight.

Ask the bank for “secure” checks that can’t be altered.

Have a trusted friend or neighbor pick up mail when out of town.

When a check or other valuable mail doesn’t arrive when expected, immediately contact the issuing agency.

When there is a change of address, immediately notify the post office and businesses that are used via the mail.

Consider starting a neighborhood watch program. Exchange work and vacation schedules with trusted friends and neighbors to help watch each other’s mailboxes and homes. Contact the Douglas County Sheriffs Office Crime Prevention Unit by calling 303-660-7544.

Report all suspicious activity to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office immediately by calling 303-660-7500.



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