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Wildfire Season Is Here – Protect Your Home

In October, 2003, homes in Castle Pines North were spared during the Cherokee Ranch fire near Daniel’s Park. This summer, the heat wave and dry weather is a reminder that the potential for a wildfire remains high.

Be Proactive
There are many things homeowners can do to increase a home’s survivability in the event of a wildfire.

In addition to preparing evacuation plans, homeowners should remove any potential “fuel” well in advance of a potential fire. Cut tree limbs to a height of ten feet above the ground. Remove dead wood that is standing or on the ground. Mow tall grass and weeds, especially anything under trees and scrub oak.

Keep gutters clear of leaves, pine needles and pine cones, and do not store flammable items or material under wooden decks.

Residents can get a free wildfire property assessment from the South Metro Fire Rescue or from Douglas County Wildfire Mitigation Specialists. Contact South Metro Fire Rescue at 720-488-7200, or Douglas County at 303-660-7400, ext. 2234 or ext. 2287.

Remove Scrub Oak
Scrub oak is notorious for having the potential to be fuel for a wildfire. And, its prevalence in the Castle Pines North area is extremely high.

Don Bobeda of Prudential Preferred Real Estate is working on organizing a group of CPN volunteers to enact a fire mitigation program for the area, which will include a Scrub Oak clean up plan. “This does not mean we want to get rid of the Scrub Oak,” says Bobeda. “It just means that we want to make sure everyone removes dead branches from their Scrub Oak.” Residents should cut back scrub oak that is adjacent to their homes.

The volunteer group will work with all of the HOAs in Castle Pines North, the State Forest Service, Douglas County, and South Metro Fire Rescue to help develop ways to prevent the threat of a wildfire spreading through the area. If you are interested in joining this group, contact Don Bobeda at 303-688-6644, or contact the CPN Master Association at, or call 303-482-3078

More information about wildfire safety can be found at and



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