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Together Forever… A Spot to Belong

Information and photo proavided by Rock Canyon High School

A business start-up company at Rock Canyon High School wishes to create a feeling of belonging and togetherness. This sweatshirt was designed with the purpose of symbolizing community and supporting the Lauren Townsend Wildlife Fund at the Denver Foundation. Lauren was the first student to lose her life inside the library at Columbine High School. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the tragedy, which reminds us all how fragile and precious life is.

By purchasing and wearing a sweatshirt to encourage and promote a sense of belonging, togetherness and community, you can help us support this worthy cause. Thank you for your support!

Youth and adult sizes available
Please put your school initials at the end of your email so we can deliver the sweatshirt to your school. Example: (RCHS).

This is a pre-order purchase. Sweatshirts will be available January 8, 2019.



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