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Town of Castle Rock clerk verifies sufficient signatures in recall for District 1 councilman

Submitted by the Town of Castle Rock

The Town clerk last month determined there were enough valid signatures for the recall effort in Castle Rock’s District 1 to move forward.
The Town’s Charter allows a petition to be circulated in attempt to recall a Town councilmember within a certain time frame.  A group of petitioners has done so in an effort to recall District 1 Councilmember and Mayor Paul Donahue.
The petitioners needed a minimum of 147 valid signatures; the Town clerk validated 242 signatures.  The required number of signatures is defined in State Statute and Town Charter as 25 percent of the number of votes cast within the district the last time a councilmember from that district was elected.
Next, there was a protest period in which any registered Castle Rock voter could dispute the petition.  The protest period ended on April 21, with eight protests being filed.  As of press time, the protests were scheduled to go to hearing on April 28.  To find out the results of the hearings, visit
It is important to note Donahue will continue to serve in office while this process takes place.
Donahue was first elected in 2008, and most recently re-elected in 2012.  His term will expire in November, and he is term-limited.



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