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Travel Tips with Kids

By Liz Jurkowski

With warm weather approaching, families are preparing for some serious travel. Whether by car or plane, here are some tips to make the journey easier.

Pack in advance of your trip. Do not leave loading your bags into the car to the night before the journey. Rather than staying up late, pack over several days. If flying, do the laundry a few days before the flight and fill the luggage in the days leading up to the big trip. Packing well before the adventure lets everybody have a restful night, starting the trip in a happy mood.

Buy new toys! This does not need to be expensive. An old rule was to have a new toy for every hour travelled. Download some new songs into their MP3, borrow a cartridge from a neighbor’s game device, buy puzzles, workbooks, coloring books, and brain teasers from the supermarket. Even a superhero keychain can do wonders on a long expedition. Kids will actually read books, too, if they are in front of them! The surprise of a new toy every couple of hours will help to keep the kids excited about the trip, and will make getting to your destination a little less stressful.

Bring snacks. Lots of them. Bring a special bag, label it the Snack Bag and fill it with all the fun foods that are off limits at home. Throw in a bag of lollipops (kids like them and parents might even hear the music on the radio for a few minutes). Surprise the family with some cheese and cracker packages, fruit cups, fruit roll ups, boxed juices and animal cookies. Present the kids with special treats during the journey and not only will you get a possible “thank you,” but a genuine smile, too!

Do not fear the getting there part of your trip. Pack early, collect fun and new toys and games, and bring snacks everybody will love. By the time you get to your destination, the whole family will be happy and ready to make memories together.



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