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Update from the east side of the Interstate

Submitted by Darren Everett, The Canyons

Update from the east side of the interstate – A message from the developer

As the snow begins to fall, we would like to take a minute to give a brief update on The Canyons development.  Since being annexed and zoned into the City of Castle Pines in 2009, we have enjoyed meeting the many hundreds of residents who have taken the time to come to our open houses or visit with us at community events. 

The most common question we heard this past year is, “When is The Canyons scheduled to begin development?”  The answer to this is that The Canyons is waiting on the real estate market and economy to improve before moving forward. 

Once the market begins to exhibit significant improvement, The Canyons will begin to process more detailed plans for infrastructure construction and lot layout.  This process takes about 12 to 18 months from the first submittals to when you will see construction equipment on site.  From there, it will be another 12 months before homes will be completed.  In total, it will be roughly 24 months from the date we begin our more detail planning to when our first homeowners move in. 

As we wait for the market to improve, The Canyons, and the family that has owned it since 1984, remain committed to being an active participant in the Castle Pines community.  We will continue to be a sponsor of community events and work hands-on with local businesses, charities and organizations. 

As we move forward, we would like to hear from you!  If you have an idea for The Canyons, or have an opportunity for us to help in the community, please e-mail us or call 303-773-3400 and ask for Darren



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