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Walgreens, Pinnacle Building Near Completion

The Pinnacle Building is now open for business. The building, which is on Castle Pines Parkway adjacent to the Village Square Shops, is home to several business and consulting ventures. Space is still available. (courtesy photo)

by Lisa Crockett

The first of four businesses in a new shopping center on Castle Pines Parkway is nearly complete. But shoppers in Castle Pines North (CPN) will have to wait a few more months to fill prescriptions and do their shopping at the newly-constructed Walgreens store.

“The building will be ready on schedule in mid-October,” said Max Heitzmann, the project manager for Anxon, Inc. “The opening of the store, though, depends on what the Walgreens Corporate office has planned.”

According to Carol Hively, Corporate Spokesperson for Walgreens, the Castle Pines Walgreens location will open in January 2009.

The remaining three “pads” in the shopping center are currently undeveloped. A Grease Monkey car service center and a day care center should be completed some time in the first half of 2009. As of press time, the fourth pad was unoccupied.

Pinnacle Building Takes Shape –

Meanwhile, the Pinnacle Building, which is located on the south side of Castle Pines Parkway adjacent to the Village Square Shops, is open for business.

“We’re in negotiations with several different entities regarding various spaces in the building,” said Roger Campbell, a CPN resident who owns the building with two partners.

As of press time, the building was roughly 40 percent occupied. Campbell estimates the building will be full sometime early next year.

“The building has been very well received,” said Campbell. “It’s a beautiful space with ‘residential finishes,’ things you would find in an upscale home, rather than a typical office space.”

At press time, four office suites were still available ranging in size from 330 to 385 square feet. Regular, non-suite office space is also available and can be built to suit. In addition, the building is wired for high-speed Internet, security, and cable television.



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