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WARP Ambassadors receive recognition for water conservation efforts

WARP Ambassadors join Colorado State Representative Frank McNulty for a photo after being recognized for their efforts in raising water conservation awareness.

By Carin R. Kirkegaard

WARP Ambassadors from Rock Canyon, Douglas County, Chaparral and Castle View High Schools were recognized for their efforts in raising water conservation awareness at Colorado’s House of Representative’s general assembly.

“It was a true pleasure to see our Water Ambassadors being recognized for their role in raising community awareness about water issues. One of WARP Inc.’s objectives is to build future water leaders who can actively engage in solutions for long-term water sustainability. The hard work that everyone has put into this program will result in water education at all levels within Douglas County. These Water Ambassadors are making a difference and it is thrilling to see them receive the recognition they are due,” said Shawn Hulsizer, WARP Director.

High school students participating in the WARP Ambassador program began by first learning about Colorado’s and specifically Douglas County’s water history, where it originates from and what is the future availability. They discussed water ethics and stewardship and conservation.

“I think the program is great opportunity to inform younger kids about a great cause,” said Myles Wallingford, a WARP Ambassador from Rock Canyon High School.

Once the ambassador’s had their training under their belts, they took their knowledge to the elementary schools where they conducted assemblies for fourth graders and then went into each classroom for hands on learning.

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