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Timber Trail second graders say Pledge at House of Representatives

by Carin R. Kirkegaard

As part of a community unit taught at Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) two different groups of second graders took a tour of Colorado’s State Capitol and seven students, Kristin Palyo, Johnny Stoughton, Larrysa Meyers, Justus Novak, Madison Tran, Jaxson Bell and Aidan Svenson were selected to say the “Pledge of Allegiance” for the opening session of the House of Representatives.

Prior to the field trip, second graders were learning about being responsible citizens in the community – specifically, the school community. According to Lindsey Cummings, TTE second grade teacher, second graders had the opportunity to earn tickets for being good citizens around the school. Each ticket earned was placed into a drawing; at the end of the contest seven names were selected for the honor of reciting the pledge.

After the field trip, Cummings saw how the experience of seeing government in process affected the students. “The kids were exposed to politics and how laws directly affect our community. After the trip they were imitating politicians, passing laws and debating views by playing the role of a senator, representative and the governor. The trip really showed them what it means to be a citizen in the community,” said Cummings.



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