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We challenge our readers to see the "E"!

Castle Pines residents Harrison and Lily Wells were “D-lighted” to be the first readers to “C” the letters C and D and submit their photo to The Castle Pines Connection! Their geocaching for the letters led them to the front door of Dazbog coffee shop in Castle Pines and earned them each a $5 gift card.

By Amy Shanahan with photo by Lisa Crockett

The Castle Pines Connection’s “search for ABC scavenger hunt” continues with the letter “E” this month! See if you can find the hidden “E” using the following coordinates:

Longitude and Latitude Coordinates:

Here is a hint: “I know a letter named E……And I think you will agree…..Although cars abound…..He’s to be found….. Lonely as an E can be!”

If you find the hidden “E”, take a photo of yourself and be the first to send it to We will publish your photo in the September newspaper!

This Castle Pines Connection search for ABC scavenger hunt is inspired by the book “Alphabet Denver.” The author, Kitty Migaki is taking photos and providing the GPS coordinates for this hunt. To learn more about Alphabet Denver or to purchase her book, visit

Thanks to all of our readers who participated in this search!  Join in the fun, and use the longitude and latitude coordinates to find the letter E for the September issue and earn your photo op and gift card!



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