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What’s your APPtitude? Mad Libs: a creative way to keep the family laughing

By Amanda Merriman

There is an app on my phone that is guaranteed to keep the whole family occupied during long car trips up to the mountains, while waiting to be seated at a restaurant or between games at my daughter’s volleyball tournaments.  It is Mad Libs.  Yes, just like the books we all used to fill out and giggle at as children ourselves.   
The Mad Libs app (available on iOS or Android devices) offers quite a few free stories from which to choose.  This app is kid-friendly and very easy to use.  Everyone including my six year old can take a turn holding my phone to enter responses.  The game will provide hints if needed to keep the game moving along.  After your inevitably silly story is created you can tweet it, email it, or post it on Facebook.  You can also go back and reread your story as many times as you like.  (Our family has used this option many times.)  There are optional in-app purchases available if users want to expand their storyline options.  Players earn badges as stories are completed.  Apple customers also can earn rewards in Game Center, which is a virtual leaderboard for the games you and your friends play with your Apple devices.  Additionally, the fact that Mad Libs users are not subjected to third party advertisers is a huge plus in my book.  
The original Mad Libs app is fun and free, but other versions of the game are available as well.  There is a free adult Mad Libs or themed ones for $1.99 such as Family Guy, Hello Kitty, or World Wrestling Entertainment.  
So, if you are looking to relive a piece of your childhood or want to keep everyone busy during travel times to see loved ones this holiday season, check out the Mad Libs app.  Share your funniest creations with me at



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