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What’s your passion?

By Patte Smith

The Connection readers want to know about our vital over-50 population who is diverse, knowledgeable, skilled, thoughtful and energetic.   

If you play pickleball, are an artist, volunteer your time, write, play bridge, bungee jump, sing in a choir, sit peacefully reading, have an experience to share, are a gourmet cook, meditate, attend classes, sew or quilt, are politically active, ski, reflect, exercise, bird-watch, swim, travel or have something you would like to share about yourself, a friend, or a family member, The Castle Pines Connection wants to hear from you.  

Our staff realizes that there are those in our community who are not physically able to participate in some activities, but we still want to “connect” with you.  Tell us about yourself, or a historic moment you witnessed or were part of, what the era was like when you were a child or the world as you see it now.  Your story is significant, whether heartfelt or humorous, please share it.   Email  



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