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What’s your APPtitude? Smule is the way to sing

By Amanda Merriman

My kids love to do karaoke, so I searched for an app that would let them sing when we were away from our karaoke machine at home. Really, it was just for the kids. Okay, I confess – I love to sing myself, so I tested Smule Sing! quite a bit just to make sure it would work well for the kids.

Smule Sing! is a free app available to iOS or Android users. Free accounts allow singers to belt out their favorite tunes as a solo or duet/group performance. The app has an extensive selection of songs both old and new. I found that in a lot of cases I had to sing a song as a duet in order to use my free account. Singers from all over the world record their individual part of a song, and you can join in to complete the melody. You can choose to record it with video, or if you make silly faces while singing you can certainly forgo the video piece. With automatic pitch feedback, voice and video effects you can really polish your performance like a pro.

This app also gives music fans the opportunity to live out a dream by recording a duet with a favorite artist. Quite a few current artists participate with the app. I have been listening to a lot of music by Ed Sheeran, and he has recorded a number of songs that I look forward to joining him on.

Since there is no sense in singing without sharing, Sing! makes it easy to post your recordings through social media if you want to take your recording outside of the app. Fellow users in the app are quick to leave positive, encouraging comments on your recordings. Requests will come in from fellow users to collaborate with them on a song, and you can choose to follow your favorite singers to hear what they have been recording.

There are subscriptions available to gain full access to the library of songs and record as many solos, groups or duets as you would like. You can choose from a weekly, monthly or annual subscription. The subscription is set up to auto-renew unless you select otherwise. Though you may find with a free account that you have more than enough options to sing your voice away.



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