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When minutes count; Colorado Life Trak locates

By Lynne Marsala Basche

Since 2006, Colorado Life Trak, which is a coordinated program sponsored by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO), Douglas County Adult Services and TRIAD, has been used to help locate children and adults who have Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, autism and other related conditions.

Colorado Life Trak is a tracking system used nationwide and by the DCSO to help find people who wander and become lost. Program participants wear a tamper-proof wristband with a transmitter that emits a radio signal. After a participant is reported missing, initially deputies working in the area respond, and then the Douglas County Search and Rescue team is paged to join the efforts. The trained personnel use tracking receivers to help locate the signal and find the missing person. The range of the transmitter is approximately one-quarter mile to one mile, depending on the topography.

“For some, Colorado Life Trak can provide peace of mind,” said Public Information Officer Lauren Lekander. “Knowing that if their loved one wanders off, we have the ability to help locate them with the assistance of technology. It will not necessarily prevent the loss of a loved one, but it will certainly help assist in locating them. The program has proven to be very successful for the community.” Currently, there are more than 40 Colorado Life Trak participants in Douglas County.

If participants can afford to participate, they are asked to pay the $275 deposit that is refundable when the unit or device is turned back into the DCSO. Colorado Life Trak fees can be waived in cases of financial hardships. Visit for additional information about the Colorado Life Trak program. Residents can also contact the DCSO Community Outreach Division at 303-660-7544 for more information, and staff will advise on the next steps.

While Colorado Life Trak will never replace the need for supervised care, the program does provide peace of mind to caregivers with at-risk individuals. Whether the participant is alert, hiding or unconscious, Colorado Life Trak reduces the time to bring the missing wearer home to safety.



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