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What’s your APPtitude? Get to know your mountains with Peak Finder

By Amanda Merriman

It is embarrassing to admit that despite living in Colorado for most of the past 25 years, I still cannot name a majority of the mountains that make up our western skyline. I can point out Pikes Peak, so all is not lost, I suppose.

I recently made it my goal to familiarize myself with the peaks around me, especially since I want to do more trail running and mountain biking this year. After a quick search for apps that help identify mountains, I came across Peak Finder. This app works on iOS or Android devices for a one-time cost of $4.99. I did not hesitate to purchase the app, as I was eager to begin learning. I quickly found out that the app does not work well when using it as a passenger in a moving car. I was happy to see that it worked much better when I was stationary. When you open the app, the display shows a list of all the visible peaks in your location.

The real fun begins when you point your phone to a spot on the horizon though. The app uses augmented reality technology to produce a panoramic view of the peaks around you. The picture looks like a pencil sketch of the area, with the peaks labeled. You can click on the mountain’s name to get more information about its specific location and elevation.

Peak Finder also has a feature where you can overlay the drawing with the image from your device’s camera. The app uses a database with names that allows it to function offline. There is a database within Peak Finder that includes more than 350,000 mountains according to its website. This large catalog supports use all over the world. Peak Finder also has an element that maps out the orbits of the sun and the moon for the astrology lovers out there.

For all those readers who are new to Colorado, or those who want to get to know the mountains that make up our great state a little better, the Peak Finder app can help. Check it out, and go west my friends!



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