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Yes, it’s hiking season!

By Lynn Zahorik; photo courtesy of Andrea Noufer

“I love hiking, but was not taking the time to schedule it, so I decided to start the club to make me accountable to other people,” stated Castle Pines Hiking Club organizer Andrea Noufer. And so it began.

Last month, hiking enthusiasts gathered for the inaugural 5-mile hike at Dawson Butte to kick off the formation of the Castle Pines Hiking Club. Only one month in, they have also hiked Castlewood Canyon and Quarry Mesa. The club will do two hikes per month and schedule a 14er in late August or early September.

The club invites beginner, intermediate and advanced hikers to join in on the opportunity to meet your neighbors while exploring the beauty of our local open spaces. For more information on the Castle Pines Hiking Club, contact Andrea at



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