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2012 Universities Council on Water Resource Award for Education and Public Service

Information provided by the Douglas County Water Resource Authority

Douglas County Water Resource Authority (DCWRA) has been awarded the 2012 Universities Council on Water Resources Award for Education and Public Service for the DCWRA “Water Ambassador” program.

The Water Ambassador program is active in all high schools and elementary schools in the DCWRA region. By the time 2012 plans are completed, over 20,000 DCWRA area school children will have received this training.

Each year about 6,500 students learn why water is precious, how to use water efficiently, and why students and their families must support solutions for their water future. The program features the training of high school students, who in turn teach 4th graders about water and conservation. Fourth graders then engage their parents in completion of homework assignments.

The awards are given to recognize educational institutions, individuals, groups, or agencies that have made significant contributions to increased public awareness of water resources development, use, or management covering any one or a combination of the natural, biological, and social sciences.

This award recognizes exceptional individual or group efforts by institutions or individuals that are not members of UCOWR. Contributions must be of regional if not national scope, and may have private or public sponsorship. Activities may focus on primary or secondary schools, youth programs that encourage awareness of water resources, the media, or legislative or other public fora.

No more than two awards are given in any year. The committee may choose not to give out awards in any year. Each award consists of a certificate, along with a letter of commendation. The awards will be announced at the UCOWR annual meeting. Recipients will be invited to receive their award and make a brief presentation at the UCOWR Awards Banquet, July 18, 2012, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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