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A new treat at Park Meadows Retail Resort – Lolli & Pops

Photos by Cindy Cranstone

The Connection caught up with 80108 resident Ashli Griswold (pictured right) at the new Lolli & Pops store in Park Meadows.  The Lolli & Pops website sums it all up with, “We are a small collection of candy shops with a simple goal – to make the world sweeter.”

Inside you will find unique sweets from all over the world, including chocolate from Madagascar, sourbelts from Spain, and sodas from Japan.  Lolli & Pops measures the quality of its sweets not only by how delicious they are, but by the memories they stir loose and the smiles they bring.  Because as they say, “Sweetness comes from more than just sugar, and if you’re going to indulge in a treat, it better be truly special.”  At The Castle Pines Connection, we tend to agree.



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