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Castle Pines medians get a makeover

The Castle Pines North Metro District has removed an aging brick planter at the intersection of Max Drive and Castle Pines Parkway.  New plants in this median and two others along the road will provide a cohesive and updated look to the area.

By Lisa Crockett; photo courtesy of the Castle Pines North Metro District

In June, the Castle Pines North Metro District tore out the planter and sign at the intersection of Max Drive and Castle Pines Parkway, which had served as a marker to the city’s entrance for decades.  Now, a new era begins.

“The old sign and planter were falling apart after 30 years and it was not economical to repair or replace them,” said Jim Nikkel, Castle Pines North Metro District manager.  “We did discuss a new type of signage, but the city is looking to install welcome signs in the near future and asked that the Metro District hold off and work with them on new signage.  In the meantime, the District will be adding some plantings to the area to dress it up.”

The changes to the area are part of a three-year project.  The new landscaping, which will be installed in three median islands running the length of Castle Pines Parkway, will feature an eco-friendly design and will update the look of the area.

“Our goal with the new landscape design is to eventually remove all bluegrass and replace the existing overgrown and tired plant material with water efficient xeriscape plantings,” said Craig Miller, the District’s parks and open space manager.  “The new plants will provide some Colorado texture and a cohesive theme all along Castle Pines Parkway.”

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to Connection reader Wayne Ruegge for asking about the new landscaping on Castle Pines Parkway, prompting this story.



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