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Castle Pines Town Center developer seeks to decrease commercial zoning; increase residential units


By Lisa Crockett; maps courtesy of The City of Castle Pines

LS Partners, LLC, one of the owners of Castle Pines Town Center, a 354-acre parcel which is bordered by Castle Pines Village on the west and I-25 on the east, is seeking amendments to the planned development for the land which was approved by the city council in March 2012.

“LS Partners is requesting elimination of commercial square footage and increasing the number of single-family residences,” said Sam Bishop, community development director for the City of Castle Pines. The majority of changes to the planned development would affect the northern portion of the parcel.

The amendment also includes an increase in park land in the development. In total, commercial development would be reduced from 700,000 square feet to 500,865 square feet.

Residential units would increase from 320 to 475, and roughly an additional nine acres of park land would be added. Plans for the amendment have been sent out to local businesses, municipal service providers, and citizen’s groups for comments, and the plan is now being reviewed by city officials.

Last month, the plan was presented to the City’s planning commission. Final approval, if it is granted, will be given by the Castle Pines City Council after public hearings on the matter.

For details on hearings for the first amendment to the Castle Pines Town Center planned development, visit



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