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Centennial Airport Noise Abatement

by Terri Wiebold

The 60-day public input period for the Part 150 Noise Study for Centennial Airport has concluded, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received more than 1,000 comments from concerned citizens regarding the study.

The purpose of the Part 150 Study was to identify existing and future projected aircraft noise levels at Centennial Airport. The study evaluated the impact on the nearby environment; proposed changes in aircraft operations and facilities to reduce noise without affecting aircraft safety; recommended and encouraged compatible land use in undeveloped areas; and established procedures for implementing and regularly reviewing the program.

The next step is for the FAA to meet and determine which, if any, of the recommendations it will approve. The FAA will publish its final determination on or before August 12, 2008. For more information about the study, contact Centennial Airport manager of planning and development, Mike Fronapfel, at 303-218-2903 or To review citizen comments submitted to the FAA, go to
and click on “comments received.”



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