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City and citizens respond to proposed county zoning amendment

Residents from Forest Park and Castle Pointe joined City Councilman Geoff Blue during his “office hours” at Dazbog to discuss concerns regarding potential rezoning of a parcel of agricultural land adjacent to the city.

By Lisa Crockett; photo by Terri Wiebold

A group of Castle Pines residents representing the group “Douglas County Residents Against Rezoning” presented comments regarding a proposed county zoning amendment at a city council meeting last month.  The zoning resolution, which was designated as Case Number DR2014-009 by Douglas County, would potentially allow changes to rules governing the use of agricultural land (called “A1” land by the County).  The changes proposed in the amendment, if approved by the County, would allow for A1-zoned land owners to seek permission to use their property to host events like weddings, reunions, birthday parties, meetings and other social engagements.

The amendment is of particular interest to residents of Forest Park, which is located adjacent to Castle Cliff Estate, a property on Daniels Park Road.  The property is not within city limits, so it is not within the jurisdiction of the City of Castle Pines.  Though it is currently prohibited from doing so, in the past, the location hosted events which neighbors in Forest Park and neighboring communities objected to because of noise, light pollution, and traffic concerns.

Forest Park resident CiCi Nock expressed the opinion that the conditions proposed for event centers under the amendment aren’t adequate.

“The proposed setback of 300 feet is the same size as a football field minus the end zones,” said Nock in a prepared statement at the City Council meeting.  “I contend that if you place a band or a DJ with speakers and 250 guests at one end of the football field, you’ll probably hear it clearly at the other end of the field.”

Though the City has no jurisdiction in this case, they have been included as a referral agency by the County to comment on the matter.  Based on citizen input at the city council meeting, the City issued a letter asking the Planning Commission to step back and re-consider the zoning amendment and the criteria for the establishment of event centers in A-1 zoned areas.  

The Planning Commission heard statements on the proposed amendment in mid-March and directed staff to look at safety, traffic, noise and abutting residential impacts before the Board of County Commissioners makes its final decision at its regularly-scheduled meeting on April 14.

If the zoning amendment is approved, Castle Cliff Estate would then have to apply for a “use by special review” at a special hearing in order to operate as an event center.

To learn more, visit the Douglas County Residents Against Rezoning facebook page.



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