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City of Castle Pines North Council approves municipal court for city

by Terri Wiebold

The Castle Pines North City Council voted unanimously in November to establish a municipal court system for the city. The passing of this ordinance will allow the city to establish a local court in which to prosecute traffic and other minor code violations, such as curfew.

According to City Attorney Linda Michow, “Even communities smaller than Castle Pines North in size (e.g., Larkspur) operate its own municipal court, as it allows the residents, violators, and law enforcement officers easier access to the court system and provides more individualized attention to ordinance violations,” she stated.

The procedures Michow set forth to Council explained that the municipal court and the presiding municipal judge shall have all of the express and implied judicial powers relating to the operation of the Court, including but not limited to imposing fines and penalties of incarceration, as well as suspending such fines and penalties.

“One of the true indicia of the City’s status is the creation of its own municipal court,” stated Ron Clark, city council member for Ward 3. “The court allows the community to tailor law enforcement to address those issues most important to the citizens. We are a nation of laws, and now we will be a city of laws as well.”



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