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City of Castle Pines seeks input on road maintenance

The City of Castle Pines is dedicating time, manpower and financial resources to improve the roadway conditions in the city. To take a quick survey of the roads in Castle Pines, visit

Information and photos provided by the City of Castle Pines

Summer road repairs are well underway in Castle Pines. The City is replacing more than 200 damaged concrete panels along Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard as well as repaving some neighborhood streets. The City currently spends about $2.6 million annually (51 percent of the City’s total budget) on road repairs and related services. With many roadways nearing 30 years of age, additional investment is needed to maintain the current road conditions.

“It is important for residents to understand the financial challenges in maintaining the City’s network of roads and streets,” stated Mayor Jeffrey Huff. “We must assess the competing infrastructure needs of the community, and we need to provide solutions that balance our investment in major projects to achieve the best use of taxpayer dollars. Voter approved increases in sales tax, property tax, or both may be necessary to achieve these objectives.”

An online survey is now available asking Castle Pines residents to weigh in on their level of satisfaction with the city’s road conditions. The survey is one more way for residents to provide additional feedback on satisfaction levels and funding options for improved road maintenance.

The City’s Master Transportation Plan and a link to the survey are available at



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