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City plans for the future

by Elizabeth Wood West

Comprehensive Plan and Three-Mile Plan

What will the City of Castle Pines North (CPN) look like in the next twenty years? This is a question the City of Castle Pines North Council is in the process of evaluating. The City’s Proposed Comprehensive Plan and Three-Mile Plan offer a snapshot into the future, portraying a picture of Castle Pines North in years to come.

At the City of CPN Council meeting on August 27, Sam Bishop, Director of Planning and Zoning for the City, presented Draft One of the City of Castle Pines North Comprehensive Plan.

Colorado State statute (C.R.S. 31-23-206) requires the City to prepare and adopt a master plan within a two-year timeframe of becoming a municipality. Additionally, the statute requires municipalities to conduct public hearings and to publish notice of the public hearings to encourage public participation and awareness of the development of the plan.

The City previously adopted Douglas County’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan to technically satisfy the state statute requirement. However, according to City officials, the County’s Plan may not be specific enough to address the overall character and vision for the future that its residents and community leaders would like.

“We look forward to the adoption of a Comprehensive Plan that will provide us with the opportunity to formulate policies based on what the residents feel is important to create a vibrant and cohesive community,” stated CPN Mayor Maureen Shul. “The Plan maintains a flexibility that allows it to be changed and updated regularly based on input from the community and surrounding areas to fit the changing needs of our city.”

The City’s proposed Comprehensive Plan includes all land located within the boundaries of the city and covers all issues associated with land development within the community. These include land use, transportation, water and wastewater, parks and open space, school sites, recreation and tourism, other public and institutional activities, and wildlife and the environment.

Like the County’s Plan, the City’s Plan will provide guidance and set policies regarding development as the City of CPN grows. It is intended to bring clarity to the overall vision of the area.

The City has also drafted its Three-Mile Plan; a document that, according to Bishop, provides long range planning opportunities to consider regarding annexation, availability of services, and how to sustain existing levels of service. It is designed to address future growth and development of land literally within a three-mile radius of the city’s municipal boundaries.

Municipalities and governments often work together to insure their comprehensive or “master” plans as well as their Three-Mile plans work in harmony with each other, establish buffers and boundaries in a mutually agreeable manner, and support each other’s common goals and/or visions. Inter-governmental agreements are commonly used to help accomplish this. The City’s Comprehensive Plan incorporates elements from its Three-Mile Plan and from Douglas County’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan and 2020 Transportation Plan.

Representatives from Douglas County, as well as the Town of Castle Rock and neighboring communities spoke during public comment regarding the proposed plan, expressing concern over conflicts with existing Intergovernmental Agreements and cautioning city officials not to move too quickly in passing a plan.

Council agreed to give careful consideration to the public comments and voted to continue the public hearing and postpone the final decision until its next meeting, scheduled for September 10 at 7 p.m. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at the CPN Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Drive, Castle Pines North.

For further information, please contact Sam Bishop at Contact by e-mail or call 303-705-0200. The draft of the City’s Comprehensive plan is available online at



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