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Community to Elect New Metro District Board Members May 2


Vote for the CPN Metro District Board – May 2, at the CPN Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Drive, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Vote for South Metro Fire Rescue Board -ballots will arrive via U.S. mail by April 17 andmust be received by May 2.

Galen R. Crowder

Jonette Brown Eyes

Bruce J. Thompson

Ted Lohr

Michael Gersack

by Lane Roberts

On Tuesday, May 2, Castle Pines North (CPN) residents will go to the polls to elect three board members for the Metro District Board of Directors.

Voting will be held at the CPN Community Center located at 7404 Yorkshire Drive. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Three positions are currently available on the board including one 2-year term and two 4-year terms.

Candidates running for the 2-year term include: Galen R. Crowder, and Jonette Brown Eyes. Former candidate, Laurie O’Hara-Torres has withdrawn from the race. Candidates running for the two 4-year terms include: Bruce J. Thompson, Ted Lohr, and Michael Gersack. Candidates were asked to submit a 250 word overview of their qualifications. Please review the information about each candidate on page 16 and take time to vote on May 2nd.

To obtain an absentee ballot, please contact Election Official Janet Burnham at 303-688-8550, ext. 12, or e-mail All absentee ballots must be received by Tuesday, May 2.

Note: Hidden Pointe Residents are members of the Green Valley Water and Sanitation District. Green Valley contracts to receive water from the Metro District. Hidden Pointe residents are not eligible to vote in the Metro District election. There is no election set for Green Valley in 2006.

Candidate – two-year term

Galen R. Crowder

For the past four years, I have been honored to serve the citizens of CPN as a member of the Metro Board. I wish to continue to serve in this position for the next two years in order to complete ongoing projects. I have served on the Board of Directors of HOA#1 and headed the Architectural Control Committee for three years. I became interested in the activities of the Metro District a year after moving here, and after attending meetings for two years, I ran for a four year term in 2002. When I was elected I was serving with a majority of board members who had served for ten plus years. If reelected, I will be the most experienced Board Member. Everyone else on the new Board will have a maximum experience of two years or less. I believe that I will be able to offer a perspective that is important for the continuity of the District.

As a board member, efforts to obtain and utilize renewable water resources, promote conservation and effectively use our nonrenewable water resource have been, and continue to be, my primary concern. My goal is to assure that water, wastewater treatment, and storm drainage be provided in a cost-effective and efficient manner. I also support the continuing efforts that will provide for the maintenance and expansion of the parks and recreation facilities in CPN. I seek your vote so that I may continue to serve the best interests of our community.

Candidate – two-year term

Jonette Brown Eyes

I am Jonette Brown Eyes and we moved to CPN about six years ago for the same reasons that you did. We did not want to live in the city nor in communities like Highlands Ranch with their sea of roofs and limited open space. We wanted to be away from traffic, noise, and congestion. We wanted the lifestyle that CPN afforded and live in concert with nature and its animals.

I am running for the board because my community involvement as Chairman of the CC20 committee has given me an understanding of the desires of the community. CPN provides a quality of life that must be maintained. We should not allow CPN to evolve like other overdeveloped communities.

This work with the CC20 Leadership Team and the 240+ committee members has resulted in a compromise from Village Homes to drop their entirely commercial development of CC20 to a more neighborhood friendly plan (9 acres of residential and 8 acres of community-friendly retail units.).

Also CPN faces the challenge of preparing for our future water needs, as are the surrounding communities. CPNMD will develop an action plan based on balanced choices and costs. Communication is key in keeping the community informed and knowledgeable about what is needed going forward.

I live with my husband David with our menagerie of pets. We enjoy the openness of CPN, the wildlife, and a great qualify of life. A vote for me is a vote for community involvement.

Candidate – four-year term

Bruce J. Thompson

Bruce has proven his willingness to volunteer the time required for community service, coupled with a strong background in water-wastewater treatment and distribution will strengthen the CPN Metropolitan District Board in making proper current and future decisions.

Over the past four years Bruce has served the Castle Pines North community. Currently he is VP of the CPN Master Association and on the CP Parks Authority Board and has served on the Hamlet HOA Board. Also, he has been an active participant in difficult issues affecting our community, such as the Xcel transmission lines and making sure the CC-20 parcel was thoroughly analyzed for a park and other acceptable uses.

Bruce, a native of Colorado and a resident of CPN for nine years, holds BS and MS engineering degrees from the University of Michigan concentrating in Water-Wastewater treatment, Computer Science and Geodesy. In 1965 through 1975 Bruce was the lead engineer developing software control for a huge water treatment plant and massive water distribution system including dams/reservoirs to distribute water throughout Southern California – part of the largest water project ever undertaken. Upon completion of this project, Bruce spent the next 27 years designing, implementing, managing and selling process control systems for water-wastewater treatment, chemical and power plants and oil refineries.

At a time when additional water resources are being considered, CPNMD will benefit from Bruce’s strong background in water technology including fiscal oversight in operations, as well as, his record in community service. Questions: 303-814-1034 or

Candidate – four-year term

Ted Lohr

I believe that if you live in a community and you want to see it progress, you must become involved in the process. One way to do this is to serve on boards that govern the community and help make it a better place to live. Those who can volunteer their time should become involved.

I am retired (27 years at AT&T) and although I travel somewhat, I have been able to attend the majority of the Metro District board meetings during the last two years. I am very familiar with the issues facing the board on an ongoing basis. I also have the time required to review information prior to meetings so that I can offer educated comments to current board members.

This is a critical time for Douglas County as we search for renewable water. I have become familiar with key issues of the District and I feel that I can assist the other board members when faced with difficult decisions that impact our community.

I have lived in CPN for 7 years and have a wife and four married daughters who live in the area. I have a B.S. in Mathematics from Fort Hays State, with additional work at the graduate level. I had several management positions during my corporate years. My final position was that of contract management responsible for negotiating sales contracts with US West (now Quest) and the Government.

I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the Board and would appreciate your vote.

Candidate – four-year term

Michael Gersack

My name is Michael Gersack and I reside in the Kings Crossing area of CPN with my wife and two children. We are proud to live in such a beautiful and friendly community and plan to live here for many years to come.

My professional background includes over ten years of management and executive management experience in finance, customer operations, and consulting, including water and waste water systems similar to those that we have here in CPN. I hold a Masters Degree in Accounting from the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver and I am a CPA. I am currently the Managing Director of Customer Business Operations at Xcel Energy with responsibilities related to Call Center, Billing, Credit, and Meter Reading.

I am seeking a Metro District board position to help the community with our fundamental short term and long term needs: water, land use and parks & recreation. My financial and operational background, especially as it relates to water systems, will be instrumental in guiding my decisions as a board member. I believe we can grow to become an even better place to live by finding a balanced approach to investing in our community, maintaining and expanding our water resources, all while understanding and staying within our financial capabilities.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about my background or my goals as a board member. Please feel free to contact me at or 303-660-6888.



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