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Crazy challenges make for an even crazier good time

This team of fun women had a blast participating in Questival in May.  “Fabullamas” from left to right: Cynthia Martin (CP), Deanna Olson (CP), Danyelle Aylsworth, Candy Palazzo, Angela Martin (previously CP now in Texas), Michelle Drent (CP), Madeline Ogelsby, Kim Oberosler (CP) and Lisa Jones.

By Amy Shanahan;  photos courtesy of Candy Palazzo

This group of women sure knows how to have fun!  On May 13 and 14 they participated in an amazing adventure called Questival, sponsored by the outdoor equipment brand Cotopaxi.  Questival is a 24-hour long scavenger hunt-style adventure race that is held in cities all over the country, and participants experience challenges that force them to get to know their city inside and out.

Candy Palazzo put together her team that consisted of her friends, her trainer and neighbors.  At a kickoff party on May 13, the team received a list of challenges that they worked to complete over the next 24 hours.  After each challenge, the team took a photo that they posted to a particular site to prove that they completed the challenge.

One of the challenges for this team from Castle Pines was to shake hands with a city mayor.  Mayor Jeff Huff obliged and shook hands with Cynthia Martin (left) and Deanna Olson (right).  

Palazzo explained, “Our team had to hold up a blue flag and take a picture after completing each challenge.  We had to complete so many challenges that I can’t even remember them all!  We had to go to a diner and eat the 14th thing on the menu and we chose to eat at O’Briens Café; we had to clean up a walking trail so we picked Daniels Park; we had to complete a 40-yard dash as a team, which we did at Rock Canyon High School; we had to hang clothes on a clothesline; re-enact an 80s band video; ride a unicycle for one second; find a phone booth and squeeze into it; and send a thank you note to a veteran and to our senators.  We did many of these things right here in Castle Pines.  All together, we performed over 100 different tasks all over the city, including many things in downtown Denver.”

Another important tenet of Questival is to raise money that is then donated to a worthy cause.  Several of the challenges also involved doing good deeds such as donating canned goods and clothing.  Palazzo remarked, “It was such a blast!  We had fun and did some good things, which is such a great part of the philosophy behind Questival.”

Cynthia Martin also participated on the team and remarked, “When we started, many of us were just acquaintances so we really got to know one another better which was awesome.  And by the way, one of the challenges was to eat Rocky Mountain oysters, and I found that I kind of liked the ones at Duke’s!  I’d never had them before!”

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