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Create video like a professional

By Michelle Post

This is the year of video marketing. Are you ready? Here are just a few stats to confirm that statement: 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day; 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute; online video will account for 74 percent of online traffic; and what took television networks 30 years to create is being created and uploaded in 30 days.

If these are not enough statistics to prove the power of video marketing for your business, then check these out: 51 percent of marketing experts say video produces the best return on investment; social video generates 1,200 percent more shares; video drives 157 percent increase in organic traffic, and videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent.

You might be saying, “How do I start adding video to my marketing strategy?” If you have a smartphone, then you are ready to begin. Today’s consumers want the real you and that includes your business too. Create videos of behind-the-scenes of your business; customer testimonials; how-to videos; the list is endless for video in your business.

Another way to create video is the use of an online tool like Adobe Spark. This is a free and easy way to generate eye-catching and customer engaging marketing content. Create social images, web stories and animations. Be inspired, and let the inner artist come to life.

Want to create more professional videos? Then check out the recording studio at the Douglas County Library in Parker. Using this studio, an individual or business can create videos, musical compositions, animations, e-books and more, all for free. The studio can be reserved for up to a three-hour block. The Parker Library recommends that you schedule a one-on-one assistance session five days before planned use of the recording studio.



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