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Finally in the driver’s seat

By Liane Marette Davis; contributions by Terri Wiebold

Have you heard the joke that, “Old car salesman never die, they just go out of commission?” Well, such is not the case for one Castle Pines Village resident and former car salesman – turned automobile banking executive – turned entrepreneur. Wade Middleton has found a new way to make commissions working in a field he is passionate about and being his own boss.

Middleton has been a resident of Castle Pines Village since 2005 and is the answer if you are looking to buy or sell a car. His love for automobiles, building relationships, and negotiating and being on the automotive lending side of the business for more than seventeen years lead him to where he is today. Middleton assists in the purchase or selling of a car (including exotic cars) without the hassle or commitment of time that most do not look forward to when going to an auto dealer.

Having worked on all sides of a car sale transaction – from the research to the sales to the financing – Middleton decided in October of 2010 to retire from the banking side of the business and practice what he was preaching. “I would always tell my children to find something that they enjoy doing and are good at,” said Middleton. “I wanted to take my own advice.”

Middleton said he gets excited about cars and wants to take away the doubt and uncertainty that often creeps in after someone purchases or sells a vehicle. The research and leg work involved in finding the perfect car is often exhausting, and Middleton is up for the task.

“I have all the respect in the world for automotive dealers and in no way want to present the perception that dealerships are poorly operated and should be avoided. My wife’s family was involved in owning and operating two dealerships in Oregon for many years,” commented Middleton. “I just want to take the whole experience and make it easier and more personal.”

Middleton will assist with the marketing and negotiating with potential buyers for the client. He will arrange the financing if needed, all the footwork, bring a car to a client’s work or home to test drive, making it convenient for the client and make it a comfortable experience. “I have shipped cars from other parts of the country to clients in Denver.”

Because Middleton enjoys the personal and relational side of the business, he strives to be an educational resource for his clients. He created a monthly newsletter that focuses on the auto industry and is sent via e-mail to current clients, future clients, or anyone interested in the information provided. A recent newsletter included topics such as: tips for when you receive a speeding ticket; the benefits of leasing versus buying a vehicle; the market, hybrids and electric vehicles, and what is a certified used vehicle?

To receive Middleton’s monthly newsletter, sign up at To talk to Middleton about securing or selling a vehicle, e-mail or call 303-913-1611.



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