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Getting a kick out of an annual tradition

The committee of fabulous parent volunteers that organized the event, pictured left to right: Erika Greene, Kym Hay, Chelsey Nielson, Kristi Tomlinson, Page Warnke, Whitney Shank, Kimberly McCarthy and Val McPheeters.

Article and photos by Julie Matuszewski; courtesy photo TTE

September 13 marked the 11th annual Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) Mother & Son Kickball Tournament. TTE mothers and sons of all grade levels gathered on the fields of Coyote Ridge Park for numerous rounds of kickball fun. Teams enjoyed Chick-fil-A meals and sounds from Party Pro DJs between the games. Cool evening temperatures and clear skies made the perfect backdrop for a night of school community fun.

Wyatt Petau and Walter Bird not only played hard on the field but fired up their teams with enthusiastic team spirit. The boys proudly show their well-deserved sportsmanship medals.

Mom squad (left to right) Lindsey Gertz, Kristin Dodge and Kristi Tomlinson helped bring the “Kicks are for Kids” team to victory.

Mother and son team Amy and Leo Griffin slowed down for a short moment of rest.



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