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Holiday safety tips from the DCSO

Information provided by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver would like to remind citizens of some basic safety tips that will help make the holiday season a safer one.

Many criminals target busy shoppers for purse snatching and other forms of robbery. They tend to hang out at malls and other busy shopping establishments in order to find the easiest victims. Here are some simple and easy tips to follow:

Outside the mall, stay in well-lit walkways and parking lots for walking and parking. If possible, coordinate your shopping trip with a friend.

Do not flash large amounts of cash or offer tempting targets for theft such as expensive jewelry or clothing.

Do not fumble for car keys. Have them in your hand, ready to use when you get to your car.

As you do your holiday shopping, don’t give a thief any opportunities. Do not leave valuables in open view in your car. Put them in your trunk, or take them along with you. This is the time of the year that criminals will look into parked cars for gifts and other merchandise, essentially doing a little bit of their own “window shopping”. It only takes a few seconds to break into your car, so make sure to leave it empty.

As we all get ready for the holiday season, the purse snatchers are practicing their craft as well. The criminals know that during the holidays, shoppers are distracted and are not as careful as they should be. Here are some prevention tips that will hopefully deter these thieves:

Keep your purse close to your body.

If possible, avoid carrying a large purse when shopping. A fanny pack is compact and more difficult to steal.

Carry only the credit cards you intend to use, leave the others at home.

Try to avoid carrying a large amount of cash. Use checks or credit cards.

Use an ATM in a well lit and high traffic area. Have your card ready to use when you approach the machine.

Be aware of your environment. Do not walk or park in poorly lit areas.

It is the goal of the Sheriff’s Office to keep citizens safe and informed by providing efficient and effective law enforcement services to the communities they serve.

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