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Hot off the press at Buffalo Ridge

The BRE Newspaper Club is hard at work on Monday mornings when they come to their before-school meetings ready to report.  Left to right, back row: Mom Jennifer Bourdeon, Rachel Cook, Zach Ruegge, Elyssa Jennings, Campbell Scott, Addy Rodriguez, Jacobi Keefe, Thomas Bourdeon, teacher Debbie Nait, and Idrees Nait; Left to right, front row: Donavon Bourdeon and Jaelynn Bourdeon.

Article and photo by Kathy Fallert

KnightsBridge resident and writing enthusiast Tommy Bourdeon loves a good story.  After attending AmeriTowne with his fifth grade class at Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) and playing the role of newspaper reporter, Bourdeon got the idea to start a school newspaper.

“After seeing other newspapers out there my friend Jackson and I thought ‘why not make our own?’  People think kids are not as accomplished as adults, but I knew we could make it happen,” Bourdeon recalled.

Bourdeon took the idea to his teacher, Debbie Nait who admirably jumped on board without hesitation.  After discussing the idea with Principal John Veit, they decided to move forward with the club.  Now about a dozen kids strong, the BRE newspaper club meets before school at 8 a.m. on Monday mornings to work on articles as well as writings for the school’s yearbook.

Mom Jennifer Bourdeon remembered, “Ms. Nait came to me and said, ‘Tommy has this newspaper idea and I think we should do it!’ As a mom, I am so grateful to be a part of such a supportive educational community.”

Veit said, “It was so great to see a student come to a teacher with an idea and for a teacher to step up and run with it.  Debbie has been great to take the initiative and volunteer her time to help the kids with this club.”  Veit, also a big supporter of the club, has contributed articles, given ideas, and agreed to the use of the school printer for the newspaper.

Consisting of mostly fifth graders, the club will have one more issue to release in early May before the school year ends.  The paper sells for $1 of which the proceeds are likely slated to go towards the purchase of a proper camera for the newspaper which could also be used for the yearbook as well.

Previous issues have included enterprising items such as comics and even a fashion section.  Nait acts as Editor in Chief, leading brainstorming during prep week, article assignment, editing and assembling the newspaper for print.  Nait commented, “This group is very dedicated.  They come to meetings ready to work and with good ideas.  I’m very proud of them!”

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