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Master Association Annual Dues Are Due

by Terri Wiebold

The Castle Pines North Master Association mailed out annual homeowner association dues invoices in December and, in accordance with its new collection policy, payments were due by January 1, 2009. February 15 marks the end of the 15-day grace period the Master Association granted residents for payment of annual Master Association dues for 2009.

All CPN homeowners (with the exception of Hidden Pointe residents) should have received a bill. This bill of $190 is in addition to any individual neighborhood association dues homeowners pay, and it is only billed once a year. For Hidden Pointe homeowners, this bill is already included in monthly HOA dues.

As stated in the new collection policy, assessments or other charges not paid to the Association by February 1 each year shall be considered past due and delinquent, and shall bear interest at a rate of eighteen percent (18%). Additionally, “The Association shall be entitled to impose a late charge of not less than fifty dollars ($50) on each past due and delinquent installment, as well recover any collection costs incurred by the Association including, but not limited to, legal costs,” as stated in the policy.

Any homeowner who did not receive a bill or who has not yet paid the bill should contact Client Preferences representative Vickie Hunt at 303-991-2770 or contact by e-mail.



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