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New business is ready to help brides-to-be

Cindy Egitto (pictured here with her husband Rick and two dogs) is excited about her new business Brides To Be Accessories. “My new business provides hip and trendy items for brides,” explained Egitto.

By Amy Shanahan; photo courtesy of Cindy Egitto 

Castle Pines Village (CPV) resident Cindy Egitto is thrilled about her new business “Brides To Be Accessories” that focuses on providing beautiful one-of-a-kind items, personalized service, and one-stop shopping for every bride-to-be.  Egitto, who grew up in Colorado Springs and has lived in CPV for the past 15 years, has a joyful personality and natural energy that are endearing to her clients and all those she meets.

Egitto’s love of sharing her favorite products with her friends and those around her led her to her new business.  “If I find something I love, I want to share it,” explained Egitto.  

Brides To Be Accessories features a host of items that are each hand picked and researched by Egitto herself.  Egitto works directly with vendors and boutique businesses to provide the highest quality items ranging from jeweled hair combs to pillowcases, robes, travel bags, jewelry, and flip-flop slippers.  

“Brides just don’t have time these days to find all of these items.  I am happy to consult with them and provide one-stop shopping for all of their needs,” remarked Egitto.  “I work with them to provide exactly what they want, whether it involves their wedding colors, monograms, or anything else.  I am their custom bridal shopper!”

Egitto has teamed up with vendors from all over the world, but is especially fond of two local businesses that she features.  “Wedding Confections and Gifts” is owned by Castle Rock resident Dayna Olivas and provides artistically-designed, handcrafted chocolates that are beautifully wrapped or boxed for the occasion.  She is also fond of local photography company “Click and Pedal,” which is owned by husband/wife team Jannelle and Jonathan Moore.

Egitto is looking forward to connecting with soon-to-be brides and their mothers from the Castle Pines community.  

For more information or to contact Cindy Egitto, visit



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