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Raising the bar by becomming your paper of record – well on our way

By Terri Wiebold

As reported in the January issue of the paper, The Castle Pines Connection is in the process of becoming certified as a paper of record for the community.

A special thank you to the hundreds of readers who have already returned their voluntary subscription pledges. We must receive forms from at least fifty percent (50%) of our readership in order to qualify for the certification, so we still need your help. Talk to friends, neighbors, and local businesses and encourage them to send their forms in, too.

Anyone who has not yet mailed in a subscription pledge is encouraged to do so. It does not cost you anything, not even the stamp on the envelope! If you did not receive the insert and the self-addressed, stamped envelope in the paper last month, you may request one by e-mail. Additional inserts may also be picked up at our office, located at 7437 Village Square Drive, Ste 220 (above the Castle Pines Library). Please take a moment and let us know you want to continue receiving the paper.

Why become a paper of record?

Certification as a paper of record would allow governmental and quasi-governmental entities such as Douglas County, the City of Castle Pines, your metropolitan district, your local homeowner’s associations, etc. to include important legal notices – which they are required by law to notify you of – to be printed in your community newspaper, The Castle Pines Connection. Currently, those notices are being printed in other outside publications, and you may be missing out on important public hearings or other information about development changes or activites in your community.

Certification also acknowledges that The Castle Pines Connection meets a higher standard of journalism. It demonstrates a high ratio of content-to-ads, and lets the advertisers who support the paper know that our readers value the paper. It also makes the paper eligible for recognition and/or awards as a “community newspaper” for which it may not otherwise be eligible.

With your help, The Castle Pines Connection can better reflect the quality and high caliber of this great community that we’re all so proud to be a part of. Thank you for your support. Send in your subscription form today!



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