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Ready, get set, go! at DCS Montessori

DCSM Courageous Cougars are ready for action at the school’s Fun Run on September 9.

Art ice and photos submitted by Jodi Anderson

What happens when you mix premier Colorado weather, running for a purpose, and unbridled enthusiasm? You get a day filled with laughter and physical activity all in the name of raising funds for a school.

Normally, this time of year, one would expect to find students hounding family, friends and neighbors trying to sell the latest thing to help their school raise funds. At DCS Montessori (DCSM), they decided to take the ‘selling’ out of fundraising and put the ‘fun’ back in. DCSM students from preschool through grade six, their families and friends and the school staff, all joined together to make this FUNd raiser a one-of-a-kind, positive event.

Classes chose team names, class songs, and decorated banners to commemorate the event. Although everyone involved realized the need behind the event, all seemed determined to make a memorable day for the students. With noisemakers, water stations, an energetic emcee, and parent volunteers on hand, the runners were all smiles. Competition wasn’t the focus; just good, healthy fun. Younger siblings joined in on the easy course to run with a brother or sister. Parents and teachers took their laps, as well. Even the office staff was sponsored to get out and run for the cause.

Teacher Matt Long shared his thoughts on the day and the message behind it, “It was a great opportunity for the kids to show school spirit while participating in a health focused event. This is a beneficial fundraiser for the kids and the school.” And fellow teacher, Laura Gunden, said her favorite part of the event was that, “It’s all about the kids!”

The high energy, laughter, music and positive mood showed that this unusual fundraiser hit the mark all the way around.

Unbridled enthusiasm prevailed as students of all ages joined in to raise money while racing around the field.



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