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Residents See ‘Green’ in CPN

by Lisa Crockett

A small group of people who live in Castle Pines North (CPN) are looking toward the future, and the city they envision will lead the way in environmental responsiblity.

“Our mission is to add value to Castle Pines North through socially and environmentally responsible programs that enhance our community,” said Ryan Parker, who heads a group called “CPN Green.” As of press time, the group was seeking to be officially recognized as a task force of the city of CPN.

Parker and fellow CPN resident Carol Barbeito are working with city council representatives Jennifer Havercroft, Ward 1, and Ron Clark, Ward 3 on the project.

CPN Green is in its infancy, and is currently working on getting organized. On the group’s agenda are immediate concerns like unified trash collection and recycling for the CPN community as well as recycling in CPN’s parks and open spaces. Further down the road, Parker said the group would like to see more ambitious undertakings like community gardens and eco-conscious community recreation and entertainment.

“My vision for CPN Green is for it to become a leading model of environmental respect and awareness. This group is important because it can teach current and future generations about conservation, re-usable bags, transportation efficiencies, and helping out our planet,” said Havercroft.

Parker, who works as a real estate agent, sees water use as the major issue for all residents in CPN.

“I ran for the Metro District in the last election,” said Parker. “I didn’t win, but I learned a lot. I would like to see CPN become a leader in sustainable development and green building practices.”

CPN residents interested in joining CPN Green should contact Contact by email for more information.



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