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RHMS students take time to serve others

RHMS students took time to serve others this holiday season.  These students volunteered at City Square in Denver by providing meals and groceries to those in need.

By RHMS eighth grade student Emmy Xu; Photo courtesy of RHMS Yearbook

Do you want to build a snowman? A frozen heart cannot hope to rival the kind-hearted students of Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS). Students of RHMS knew December was the month of giving back, as there were two separate events that took place, “Let It Snow Over Our RHMS Family,” and “Less of Me, More of You.” “Let It Snow Over Our RHMS Family” was an event the eighth grade Mountaineer team initiated to encourage buying gift cards for those in need. Less of Me, More of You was an enrichment class that distributed items to the less fortunate in December.

Led by teacher Deanne Boland of the Mountaineers, snowflakes, each with gift cards to different stores written on the back were taped to the windows of the main office forming snowmen.  Students took a snowflake off the window, bought the gift card written on the snowflake, turned the gift card in, and added their snowflake to the growing pile for families in need.  Gift cards were distributed by the counselors to families in order to help with gifts or meals this holiday season. Each Mountaineer contributed to “Let It Snow Over Our RHMS Family” by personally making sure people were aware of the project. “I think the fact that they were building the snowman [theme] was more exciting than just telling everyone to pick up a card at the office,” said student Emily Wilson. “It was impactful because it was a different and entertaining way to raise donations.”

Taught by Landon Stewart “Less of Me, More of You” was an enrichment class driven by students striving to help. Students who chose the class met every Wednesday of second quarter to discuss, finalize plans, and collect food donations.  On December 3, students served those who utilize City Square in Denver. Students bagged and helped people carry groceries, passed out produce, and fed people lunch. The purpose of their trip was not to miss school, but rather to serve others. “The reason I think it’s good to help other people is because it just feels good to help,” remarked Katie Zilligen. “It helps to think of people as my brothers and sisters, because it makes it seem less daunting to go help them.” These students truly fulfilled the title of their enrichment class.

Whether it was convincing the school to buy gift cards for the less fortunate, or putting others in front of themselves, these students cared about giving back to the community and to others. The two projects displayed the heart-warming consideration of RHMS students.



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