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Rock Canyon goes “Legally Blonde”

Article by Riley Busch, RCHS intern writer; photo courtesy of Alan Treibitz

In early March, Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) opened its 2016 musical production: an amazing adaptation of Broadway’s “Legally Blonde,” the musical.  Beginning in early January, a wide variety of actors, singers, tech crew members, directors, musicians, and choreographers worked hard to bring the characters and story to life.  After almost three months of constant effort, Legally Blonde was a huge success.

This year’s show received exceptional support from the school and the Castle Pines community.  All shows completely sold out.  Lines for last-minute seats stretched the length of the main hallway, and the box office was forced to sell seats obstructed by the musical pit!  Some audience members came solely to enjoy a good show, even if they had no ties to the school.  Cindy Baker, director and RCHS drama teacher stated, “I think they [the community] can see that there’s an outlet for almost any kid and their talent, whether it be lighting or sound or costumes or backstage work.  They are using everything they’ve learned in a collaborative effort.”

The talented cast and crew added a certain charisma to the extremely challenging show.  Many audience members, most of whom had seen the movie from which the musical was adapted, enjoyed seeing the characters they knew and loved up on the theatrical stage.  Not only was it a treat for old fans, but it was an enjoyable show for those who had never seen the movie.  Many of the songs remained in heads for days after the performance.  Certain numbers like “Bend and Snap” and “Gay or European” stole the show with amazing vocals and comical humor.

The annual musical has become one of the largest fine arts performances on the RCHS campus, with many students attending and participating every year.  Like most large school efforts, the musical brings people together as a family.  Student costume head and Castle Pines resident Brenna McCaslin explained, “My favorite part of the musical was all of the friends I got to meet and seeing the friends I had from past musicals.  I know the friendships I’ve built won’t go away, because we had such a good experience.”  Congratulations on another successful show, Jaguars!



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