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Sage Canyon makes a fun run for it

Fifth grader James Vakoc put on his best wig for Sage Canyon’s fun run last month.

Third grader Kyra Crowe leads her fellow students at Sage Canyon Elementary in the national anthem at the beginning of the school’s fun run fundraiser last month

Article and photos by Lisa Crockett

Last month, Sage Canyon Elementary (SCE) students ran around with friends on the playground, sort of like they do most days. This was no ordinary recess, though, as was evidenced by fun music, matching t-shirts, and enough energy to power a small city. It was all part of a fun run event aimed at raising money for the school that was, by all accounts, a resounding success.

“Every child was able to participate in this event whether they raised money or not,” said Leanne Vakoc, an SCE parent who chaired the event. “In addition to making money, we were able to really build community here at the school.”

The fundraiser had a focus on character building and allowed students to learn more about positive traits like teamwork and fitness in the days leading up to the event. The school community responded with an outpouring of support, raising roughly $20,000.

“This is the most money we’ve ever made in a fundraiser,” said Vakoc. “I love that the students are taking a lot of pride in participating and being responsible for making this a success.”

Faculty and staff at SCE have big plans for how the money will be used, including iPads, innovative new classroom furniture, and field trip transportation for each student at the school. But school principal Mandy Hill said that the success of the fundraiser goes much deeper than the dollars and cents.

“This year we’ve really worked hard to ramp up participation and excitement,” said Hill. “I also love that this promoted an activity that was healthy and fun.”

Laura Cusinato (left) and friend Nevaeh Brooks (right)show their school pride with crazy hair and an all-out effort at Sage Canyon Elementary’s fun run fundraiser.



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