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Something big is afoot in Colorado

Article and photo by Amy Shanahan; additional photos courtesy of Jason Frank

Picture at bigfoot crossing sign

Frank first encountered Bigfoot while hunting in the Colorado mountains when these large footprints in the snow (above right) caught his attention and led to his subsequent hunt for further evidence of Bigfoot.  Frank made his own tracks in the snow (above left) to indicate the size.  Bigfoot sightings have taken place in Colorado for more than 200 years.  This (actual) state highway sign was erected on the Pikes Peak Highway more than 20 years ago after a local resident produced evidence of the creature.

Jason Frank is a high energy, entertaining gentleman who has a successful local business called Wildman Wellness, where he practices Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) which help improve and correct muscular weakness.  Frank is a former registered nurse and served as an infantryman/combat lifesaver in the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division.  Oh, and in his spare time he follows groups of wild animal creatures that most of us have come to refer to as Bigfoot.

“I know people initially think I must be crazy, but I’m stubborn and enjoy proving them otherwise,” explained Frank.

Frank’s hunt and subsequent encounters with Bigfoot creatures began in 2007 when he was hunting turkeys in the Colorado mountains.  Frank has been an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman his entire life and was hunting in a remote forested area.  Quite unexpectedly, Frank came across unusually large footprints in the snow (pictured above) and he was astounded by the size of the prints and the size of the tread between the prints.  Frank photographed the prints and sent them to a renowned Bigfoot expert at Idaho State University, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum.  Meldrum felt the photo was indeed evidence of Bigfoot, and thus began Frank’s quest to acquire further evidence of what he believes to be a very real species of creature.

Over the past eight years, Frank has had numerous encounters with Bigfoot creatures in an area he discovered near Steamboat Springs.  According to Frank, the creatures are nocturnal so many of his encounters have taken place during the night.  He has had his tent surrounded by the creatures, his camping coffee pot has teeth marks in the lid, he has a plastic bag which was poked by a creature, and he has numerous photos of footprints, handprints and other evidence of their existence.

Frank’s most up close and personal encounter with a Bigfoot creature occurred three years ago on an expedition with a large group in New Mexico, when his group saw a creature walk and run through the forest.  The group was made up of members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BRFO) which is a scientific research organization dedicated to obtaining conclusive evidence of Bigfoot.  Frank and many other Colorado residents are members of this organization.

Frank’s most eerie evidence of Bigfoot is the multitude of sound recordings that he has made.  As much of their movement takes place at night, Frank records while sleeping and he has been often disturbed by guttural howls, cries and grunts.

Frank believes that the creatures do not mean any harm, but they are curious.  His experience has been that they observe humans and explore and taunt the humans only when they feel they are not threatened.  “You have to be careful though,” explained Frank.  “You are dealing with a wild animal so you have to be respectful and the fear is always there.”

Frank has had the opportunity to make believers out of many of his closest friends and family.  Frank’s wife was skeptical until she heard and witnessed the creatures first-hand.  Numerous friends have accompanied Frank on his camping trips and have had encounters of their own.  “Speaking out about Bigfoot subjects people to a lot of ridicule, but I’m very open to talking about it with anyone who is interested,” stated Frank.  “I’ve made some wonderful friends out of people who were skeptical and are now believers.  I even named my business after the creatures so that people are aware upfront that this is a passion for me.”

“I know people initially think I must be crazy, but I’m stubborn and enjoy proving them otherwise.”  – Jason Frank

Bigfoot sightings have been around for hundreds of years, as even miners in the 1800s in Colorado claimed to have seen unusually tall and hairy creatures.  Numerous claims have been made throughout the world over the years, although scientists and the general public remain skeptical and hoaxes have been discovered.  In recent years, scientists have begun studying DNA samples and looking more closely at evidence collected by people like Frank and other members of BFRO.  Animal Planet even dedicated an entire weekly show “Finding Bigfoot” to the subject.  Frank believes that there is a great deal of fear involved, which leads to skepticism.  His view is quite the opposite.  “In my opinion, this is the most important scientific discovery of all time.  These creatures teach us about our roots.”

Frank is extremely passionate about his connection with these creatures.   “Having these experiences really makes you look at the world differently.  It makes the world full of wonder and you begin to see things as a child would.  My encounters with these creatures have changed my life for the better.”

To learn more about Bigfoot, Frank suggests the following resources:  Sasquatch Outpost which is based in nearby Bailey, CO, as well as and  To learn more about Frank’s business, visit



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