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The Buffalo Ridge Amazing Race

Fifth Grade teacher Jolie Pinke defends herself from a sponge water
attack by one of her students while visiting the Brazil rain forest
during the BRE Amazing Race.

by Molly S., BRE Ridgeline Staff Reporter with photo by Elean Gersack

Buffalo Ridge celebrated another great year of school by hosting a field day.  The “Amazing Race” was a new theme created by the Buffalo Ridge Educational Alliance (BREA) that helped kids learn about different countries while having fun and staying fit.

The BRE Amazing Race was also a fundraiser for BRE. “Our number one goal was to raise money during this special event,” said Ms. Berggren, BRE’s principal. “If each child raises $100, that will help benefit the school a lot,” she added. The money raised will go towards providing teachers with necessary training and materials for additional science and technology for classrooms throughout the school.

Students all over the school enjoyed helping BRE raise money and participate in the fun activities that the BRE Amazing Race had to offer. In Egypt, the students played a game of tug-of-war, in China, the kids jumped around in a big dragon bouncy house, and in France, they had a fun scooter race. Many more fun activities were held at this event.  

Maggie Z., a fifth grader at BRE liked the sponge water race representing Brazil’s rain forest. “My favorite part about the event was watching the kids have lots of fun and learn about the country they were in while staying fit and raising money for Buffalo Ridge,” said Ms. Berggren.  Mrs. Gutierrez, Buffalo Ridge’s P.E teacher was very excited too.  “I loved that the students got a chance to experience going to different countries and got to do fun activities from those countries,” said Ms. Gutierrez.

The BRE Amazing Race turned out great. The event kept kids healthy and fit, raised lots of money for BRE, and of course, everybody had fun. Everybody is looking forward to the next exciting event at BRE.

Third graders cool-off with popsicles while learning about castles turned hotels while visiting Germany during the BRE Amazing Race.



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