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The gift of an adaptive bike brings joy

The Dream Team at Buffalo Ridge Elementary raised $325 during their “Wear a Hat to School Day for a Dollar” program. The money went toward purchasing an adaptive bike for local resident Kian Lame.

Article and photo by Nancy Koontz; photo courtesy of Valerie Miller

In April, The Connection shared the story of a 16-year-old resident with spastic cerebral palsy, Kian Lame. The Lame family was working to get a special adaptive bike so Kian could feel a sense of independence and aid in his ability to get moving and enjoy a better lifestyle. With the support of a loving family, a caring community and the generous assistance of two nonprofit organizations, Kian received his adaptive bike on July 23.

Castle Pines resident Valerie Miller was inspired by Kian’s story and reached out to friend and former colleague Terry Williams. Williams is the vice president and executive director of the ATI Foundation, an organization whose mission is to provide resources and funding to children with physical impairments.

The ATI Foundation partnered with another nonprofit specializing in providing adaptive bikes to children with special needs, Preston’s March for Energy.

Pictured right: Seventeen-year-old Castle Pines Village resident Kian Lame received an adaptive bike as the result of a family and community who care about him and the partnership of two amazing nonprofit organizations.


“We’re the money behind the deal and they [Preston’s March for Energy] are the ones who work with the physical therapists, the local bike shops and the family to get it all done,” said Williams. “This is a perfect example of a number of different people coming together for a great cause because of a story in the newspaper to do something wonderful for someone else. Ultimately, a kid was helped and Kian received his bike,” he said.

Miller, who also happens to be the former Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) parent/teacher organization president, facilitated a fundraiser with her son Felix’s fifth-grade class at BRE. The class reached out to the rest of the school and collectively raised $325 to help contribute toward Kian’s adaptive bike through their “Wear a Hat to School Day for a Dollar” program.

“It’s wonderful to make a positive difference in someone’s life that lives just right down the road from us,” commented Miller.

Kian received his adaptive bike at his home in Castle Pines Village July 23, just in time for his 17th birthday festivities. Sharing in the celebration were Williams and his wife, Vicky, and their three children. They were also joined by the president and founder of Preston’s March for Energy, Deb Buenaga, and her husband Steve and son Preston (who also has cerebral palsy and is the namesake of their organization.)

Kian’s mom, Neda, added, “It’s really nice to know that so many of our neighbors have been so caring and kind to us.”

To learn more about the ATI Foundation, visit To learn more about Preston’s March for Energy, visit To read Kian’s story from the April issue of The Connection, visit and type “Kian” in the search function.



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