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What’s your APPtitude? Train your brain to reach its peak

By Amanda Merriman

The science of neuroplasticity is intriguing to me. The brain is an amazing organ. I firmly believe in living my life with a growth mindset, and I actively look for ways to challenge myself.

For me, the Peak app is a way to tap into this belief. Peak is free to download for iOS and Android devices. Once you download the app and create a profile, your next task is to complete some baseline testing in the form of short games. How well you perform in these games determines your Peak Brain Score (PBS). There are six categories within your PBS, which include: memory, emotion, problem solving, focus, language, and mental agility. Peak displays your results in visually interesting graphics showing the relationship between these categories. To spark your competitive nature, see how your score compares to others by age, profession or friends with the app.

Peak will send you daily reminders to complete your 15-minute brain workout if you like. Users benefit from the way this app adapts to their performance, which keeps things challenging. Peak also takes into account if you have color blindness or dyslexia.

You have the option to upgrade to a Pro account via a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription. Family plans are available too. The Pro account offers access to more games, longer personalized workouts, and more advanced statistics about your performance. I have enjoyed using my free account, though I haven’t used it daily. The games are a fun challenge. I’m curious to see how my scores improve over time. However, I am unsure if it is worth paying for a subscription. Instead, the free account seems like an interesting activity to keep up with. Meanwhile, I plan to keep up with habits that also help with brain function like proper sleep, exercise, reading and social interaction.



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