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A meaningful kind of success

By Stacie Chadwick

Reading between the Pines
At face value, success in sales is about setting goals, defining a quota and hitting numbers. There’s a mathematical rhythm to the work, and words like “target audience,” “lead generation” and “conversion rate” serve as first language influencers on a path toward achievement.

Recently, I met a lovely older gentleman named John who, with a soft whisper and a purposeful gait, welcomed me into his beautiful home to discuss the prospect of selling it. As we got to know one another and began defining his goals, I learned that he was a retired engineer who had personally improved almost every inch of his house. He felt that selling it in a strong market and buying another that needed work was worth serious exploration.

As our conversation grew deeper and moved beyond fixtures and finishes, a different side of John’s motivation slowly emerged. I learned that he was a widower, hadn’t seen his out of state family in almost a year, and that he lived alone. Reminiscing about the past and what once was, his eyes grew teary. Not the kind that pool and spill, but those that your head wills your heart to hold back. As afternoon turned to twilight, I became increasingly aware that this sweet and interesting man actually shouldn’t sell his home. What he really needed was to rediscover the remaining vestiges of the life he once loved.

For me, financial gain will always take a backseat to filling the emotional chambers of my heart. My definition of success rests more deeply than the surface layer satisfaction of dollars and cents, because it’s rooted in legacy. How do I want to be remembered? What will my lasting impression be? How have my actions positively influenced others and when they think of me, what stories will my children tell after I’m gone?

So will I sell John’s home? Maybe someday. But my recommendation is … not now. Not until he’s able to buy the RV he’s always wanted, to visit the family he misses so much, to feel the warmth of a carefree sun on his face, to move through the world more freely, and evaluate life on terms that he owns. Far more important than leads and listings are the amazing people who inhabit the four walls that surround them.




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