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Nonprofit organizations serving the local community have become increasingly more critical in supporting some of our most vulnerable residents. The Douglas County Community Foundation (DCCF) established a COVID-19 Recovery Fund to help strengthen and stabilize local nonprofits that are working to support those most impacted.

Priorities include food banks, food delivery, health care, housing, mental health, workforce development centers and coronavirus prevention communications. The most vulnerable populations in the community will be given the highest priority. These include, seniors, those with disabilities, immune-compromised populations and those living in poverty.

“This initiative reflects the heart of why the community foundation exists. We have the infrastructure, relationships and experience to convene community resources and respond rapidly when action is needed,” said Donna Scott, DCCF board chair. “This fund is designed to be nimble and responsive, and it will evolve to meet the greatest needs of the community as they unfold.”

The DCCF will administer grants with the assistance of community volunteers who will sit on the selection committee. Grants will be distributed to Douglas County organizations with the goal to move resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs.

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