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Educators Inspiring Others

Kati Melton sits in the front seat of “Ranger,” the family RV of three years, during a 2019 trip to Arches National Park, Utah. On a quest to visit all national parks, Ranger has driven the Melton family on yearly, one-month-long road trips.

Kati Melton always knew she wanted to be a teacher. At a young age, she was blessed to have had many incredible mentors throughout her school years, especially her high school principal, Steve Ribbens, aka “Ribs.” He was a good listener and challenged Melton to be her best; he pushed her to pursue dreams she never thought would be possible. Even after she graduated, Ribs never lost sight of Melton and continued to encourage her to continue in education and leadership.

Having the courage to pursue her passion in education, Melton has had the privilege of serving in roles as a teacher, administrator, school principal and today, Head of School at Cherry Hills Christian School (CHC).

Melton began her journey graduating with a double major in elementary education and communication from the University of Colorado Boulder. She became a student teacher and then landed as a fourth grade teacher at her childhood elementary school in Cherry Creek School District. These teaching years were special to Melton. Teaching at her childhood school kept her connected with Ribs who inspired her all those years ago. As a Colorado native, Melton especially enjoyed teaching Colorado history.

Melton was selected to join a leadership development initiative which led her to receive a master’s degree from the University of Colorado. She then received a state of Colorado license to serve as a principal. Upon completion of these accomplishments, Melton became an administrator at the Cherry Creek School District. Following her Christian faith, her career led her to CHC in 2014.

Kati Melton and her family enjoy the beautiful backdrop in Sedona, Arizona, during travel to tour national parks. This marked the 36th national park visited by the Melton family. Left to right: Kati, Ava, Addison and Brandon.

Melton has served as assistant principal and dean of faculty at CHC. During her tenure, Melton attended the Association of Christian Schools International’s leadership program, earning a Head of School endorsement.  While she misses the classroom, Melton is enthusiastic to lead and equip her faculty to have influence in the lives of CHC students.

“Relationships are at the heart of everything we do; both as a leader of a school and as a teacher in the classroom,” said Melton. “When people feel deeply known and loved, great things happen.”

Melton adores her staff, students, and community. “Our school is filled with joy that comes from rich and beautiful relationships driven by a common purpose and mission,” shared Melton.

Her passions extend beyond the walls of CHC. Melton and her husband, Brandon, could not have imagined living anywhere other than their remodeled 1890 Victorian home in downtown Denver. It was not long after the remodel, their first daughter, Ava, was born followed by their second daughter, Addison.

As a family of four, the couple’s priority shifted from city life to finding a community where they could enjoy all of what Colorado has to offer: hiking, biking, parks, trails and views. Their hearts quickly set on Castle Pines and have felt at home from the moment they moved. Living in a community where neighbors are friends, family is within walking distance, and given the opportunity to lead a school filled with joy and rich relationships is exactly where Melton says she wants to be.

And when she’s not being a principal, Melton’s family takes one-month road trips in their beloved RV they named “Ranger.” The goal is to visit every national park in America, and to date, the Meltons have been to 36 national parks.

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Kati Melton



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