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Hydration and wellness comes to The Village at Castle Pines shops

Article and photo by Lisa Nicklanovich

Photo of the health professionals at Prime IV Hydration and Wellness.

The health professionals at Prime IV Hydration and Wellness in The Village at Castle Pines shops are comprised of registered nurses and firefighters who are trained to administer IV drips. Pictured here are (left to right) co-owner Porscha Shideler, John Singsheim, Krista Lopez and Leona Simmons.

The community welcomes Prime IV Hydration and Wellness (Prime IV), the newest addition to The Village at Castle Pines shops. Intravenous (IV) therapy is a wellness treatment that administers nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption (see related story page 41).

Prime IV originated in Colorado Springs where Porscha and Steven Shideler have been members for the last two years. The couple are the co-owners of the Castle Pines franchise location and own the territory rights to all of Colorado. There are currently four locations in Colorado and 20 across the country with about 100 more opening in the next year, according to Porscha.

“I haven’t been sick a day in two years,” Porscha stated. She said she used to get sick about once a month and can personally attest to the benefits of the immunity therapy IV, which is also the most popular treatment right now. Porscha and Steven said they always get a treatment before they travel. Porscha said, “It’s so much easier for your body to fight off all the stuff going around when you’re in a surplus of vitamins, so I think it’s so important right now.”

In addition to immunity therapy, Prime IV offers treatments such as The Jetsetter, for relieving symptoms of jet lag, The After-Party and The Resurrection for hangover relief, The Glow for anti-aging, and The Weekend Warrior for boosting athletic performance. The original IV treatment, called The Myers’ Cocktail is billed as the ultimate drip for overall health and wellness.

What sets the Castle Pines location apart from other IV drip spas, Porscha shared, is that the staff are trained to customize mixes to an individual’s needs. In a dedicated compounding room, the staff of registered nurses and firefighters can adjust the ingredients in the offered treatments to provide more magnesium or calcium, for example.

Memberships range from $89 to $259 per month and include benefits such as primary drips, B-12 shots, access to massage chairs and oxygen treatments as well as discounts on nutrient additives such as magnesium, vitamin C and zinc.

“With our diets now, we’re not getting the vitamins and the hydration that we need so IV treatments are a great way to supplement to feel good, to look good and to perform really well,” Porscha stated.

Porscha shared that she and Steven hope to become Castle Pines residents soon. “We love this area and are currently looking at houses in Castle Pines,” Porscha said.



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